Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Discontented? Lethargic? Fatigued? Do any of those words describe the way you feel? Juggling the demands of career, loved ones, and your own expectations, chances are you’ve lost touch with who you really are. Detached from your genuine self, you’ve become a prisoner of your own unhappiness. It’s Not a Life Sentence will give you the tools to unlock your prison doors and become your spirited, life-affirming self. As you read, you will look afresh at your personal history, discover your own truth and take control of the life you’re living now.

Each of the 17 clear, concise chapters contains a section called “Time to Introspect.” There, you’re invited to reflect on how material covered in the chapter applies to your own life. Sometimes you’ll be thinking about your history and how you’ve come to be where you are today. You’ll look at the influences of parents and peers, career choices and colleagues, media messages and religious beliefs.

Other times, you’ll respond to questions that reveal areas that may be problematic. Do you blame others for your misfortunes, for instance? Let fear dominate your decision-making? Often feel self-conscious?

You’ll become more aware of your own true responses, thoughts and feelings, and you’ll use that awareness to create a life in which you feel truly whole, able to express your genuine self. With this new self-knowledge, you’ll identify changes you want to make in your life and develop a plan for making those changes happen.

With greater understanding of yourself and the person you truly are, you’ll liberate the real you for a life of authenticity and joy. The book is available in both paper and digital versions. Printable worksheets of the introspection sections with space for written responses may be downloaded by clicking on the “Click here” section at the top of the column on the right.

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